Monday, September 1, 2008

The Absurdities Of The Naqshabandees

Here is a small offering of extracts from the belief and practices of the modern day Naqshabandees. There are more comprehensive refutations out there, indeed there are complete web sites dedicated to such. However it is perceived that if one just reads the following, the reality of this sect will become apparent without the need to delve any deeper.
The worshipers of Animals

Ameen Mohammed Barsa, the author of El Mawaahib Essarmadiyya (the eternal gifts) says: "I have been accompanying Darweesh Khaleel... and then he ordered me to be at the service of the animals... until when I used to meet a DOG in my way I stand until it takes its way first so I don't go be- for it, and I kept on that way seven years, and then he asked me to be at the service of the dogs of this place (Hadhra, place where Sufis meet) with obedience and devotion, and ask from them supplies (madad), and he (his sheikh) said: by serving one of these dogs you will reach a great happiness so I was so lucky that I got that service that I was giving the best of my- self according to his will and hoping in his glad tiding. Once I was near one of the dogs so I felt in its neighbourhood a very delightful pleasure so I stood facing it and I got crying very warmly, so the dog lied on its back and it raised its four limbs to the heaven and I heard a gentle weeping and a sad mourning so I raised humbly my arms and I kept saying: aameen, aameen until it became silent and raised again on its legs."

And then he says a similar story that happened to him with a camel! [El Mawaahib Essarmadiyya p. 118-119 El Anwaar El Qudusiyya p.130]

Strange how these Soofees are always praying to dogs and camels or claiming "wahi" from them. Strange how the Prophet (sal-Allaahu alayhe wa sallam) warned us of the connection between these animals and the jinn!
Considering it Wajib to look at women

On page 20 of 'Sheikh' Nazim's book, Mercy Oceans: "For every action, you may find three ways, or positions. These are called wajib, sunnah, and haram. We will illustrate these terms with some examples: The top class of people are the Awliya, the Saints. They have, in their eyes, a divine light, a divine power, that burns away badness in those people upon whom they look. Because of this divine quality, THEY MAY LOOK EVERYWHERE, AT MEN OR AT WOMEN. IT HAS BEEN ORDERED FOR THEM TO LOOK. THERE IS NO PROHIBITION FOR THEM TO LOOK. THEREFORE, THEIR LOOKING IS 'WAJIB.' "
The Love of prostitutes

At Nazim narrates something called Sharani's prayer: Abdul Wahab Ash-Sharani, a famous 'scholar' and Soofee of Egypt, was praying to Allah to have Mercy on Prostitutes saying: "Most Merciful Lord, those Prostitutes are like a huge wall, a great barrier that keeps the honour of ladies. They put themselves forward as a buffer in front of honourable ladies, keeping animal-men away from them; if not for those prostitutes, bad men, like big donkeys, would rush upon honourable ladies also; but those women make themselves available, putting themselves forward, so that those men come to them, and thus honour is protected - so please grant Your Mercy to those women. So many people are carrying such heavy burdens and we must look at their situations with the eye of wisdom; or else we will be in the stable with donkeys; if we aren't satisfied being in that stable, we may climb up, up, up. This is only one drop from the secrets of the Holy Qur'an, one ray coming from the Sun of Divine Predestination (Qadr)."
The Givers of Life and Death [Aoudhoubillah]

Ameen Mohammed Barsa says in El Mawaahib p.133, El Anwaar p. 137, Djaami' V 1 p. 146.: "I was once talking with one of my colleagues (called Mohammed) until we reached the discussion about worshiping and he asked me: "until where does the worshiping reach ?" I told him "Until when you tell someone die ! he will instantly die", and then I realised that I had pronounced the expression "die !" without giving much attention to it, so my friend died instantaneously and he kept in his death state. I got perplexed for that and did not feel very comfortable. Then I went back to him and I found him changed because of the lack of heat in his body, I got then more worried and then I got the inspiration to say "Mohammed make alive again !" so I said it to him three times, and then I saw that life began to run gradually again in him and me looking at him until he recovered his initial state."