Monday, September 1, 2008

The Irrefutable Proof That Nazim AlQubrusi Nagates Islam Part 3

by: Al-Hidayaah

On page 6 in his book, Mercy Oceans, Nazim al-Qubrusi says,

"The orders of the Qutb (supreme sheikh) are the orders of Allah, and his will is equivalent of Allah's will." His Sheikh, ^Abdullah al-Fayiz ad-Daghistani says in the book, "Al-Wasiyyah," on page 9: "The other definition of the Tariqah is for the follower to be ready to receive the order from his sheikh just as the Prophet used to wait for the Revelation to come from Allah."

I say: These words are astonishing and include equating some slaves with Allah, the Exalted. Such words contradict the saying of All:
An-Nur, 21) which means: [Had it not been for the Endowment of Allah and His Mercy, none of you would have succeeded.]

Such words also contradict Allah's saying:

(At Takwir, 29) which mean: [You only will that which Allah willed for you.]

As well, their saying is refuted by the hadith of the Prophet related by at-Tabaraniyy: hich means: "You can find correct and incorrect things in the sayings of any one, save the Messenger of Allah."

Their saying is also refuted by the practices of Abu Bakr and ^Umar. If they disagreed about a certain matter, they would discuss it. Abu Bakr never told ^Umar, "My words are like a Revelation," and ^Umar did not have such a conviction about the words of Abu Bakr. ^Umar's conviction was clearly manifested in the way he handled himself as soon as the woman reminded him of an ayah pertaining to the marriage payment (mahr) of the women, as mentioned before.

There are no common denominators between the slave and Allah, the Exalted. No matter how high a status any waliyy among the followers of the prophets attains, he is not impeccable as the prophets were impeccable, and he remains, in all cases, a slave of Allah.


Qubrusi says in his book: Mercy Oceans, p.9:

"Allah Almighty called Muhammad (peace be upon him) to His Divine presence, and the Prophet (peace be upon him) went as ordered, just as a dignitary is received by the Queen of England."

I say: These words are very abhorrent! They contain equating the Queen of England to Allah and likening the Creator to the creation. How dare he draw similarities when Allah, the Exalted, said:

(An-Nahl, 74) which means: [Do not claim anything similar to Allah.]

I was greatly astonished when I read Nazim al-Qubrusi's words and saw him trying to squeeze the name of the Queen of England into his writings. These words reminded me of Ghulam Ahmad al-Qadiyani, and those who activated him, instructed him, and strengthened him in his attempt to deviate the Muslims from the straight path of the Religion. We ask Allah to preserve this nation and protect us and end our lives successfully. Amin.

Nazim al-Qubrusi al-Haqqani said in his book Mercy Oceans, p.13:

He [Allah] is a king.And yet you cannot find a king without a kingdom. Without subjects his kingship has no meaning. Just as there can be no meaning for a prophet without an ummah (nation). Therefore, Allah was ready without beginning, and his servants also were ready without beginning. If there were no people, to whom was He Allah? Was it to Himself? No! A hadith relates: "I was a secret treasure and wanted to be known." His people were part of this treasure."

Note: This hadith is not a sahih one--definitely it is fabricated, as determined by the scholars of the hadith. It is obvious to anyone with a sound mind that it is impossible for Allah to liken Himself to a treasure, since He attributed to Himself in the Qur'an that nothing is like Him.

I say: These words of his are explicitly claiming both Allah and the slaves are eternal. Not only that, such words claim the slaves are parts of Allah. This conviction is blasphemy by consensus. Allah, the Exalted, said:

(Al-Hadid, 3) which means: [He is the only One Who is eternal, without a beginning.]

Allah praised Himself in the Qur'an for being "al-Awwal" (the Only One who is eternal without a beginning.) Had it been the case that someone else shares this attribute of eternity without a beginning with Allah, He would not have praised Himself with it.

Moreover, Allah made it very clear for us in the Qur'an that it is not permissible for anyone to claim to be a part of Allah. Allah dispraised the blasphemers for such a saying. He said in Surat az-Zukhruf, Verse 15:
which means: [They claimed among the slaves is a part of Allah.]

How could the slave, who is in need of rest, drink, and food, and who gets tired, who perspires, and who defecates, be part of Allah, the Almighty and Powerful?

Allah is One--without a partner. He has no beginning and is not a body or a soul. He exists and is not similar to other existing things. He is not an origin for others (others are not parts of Allah), and not offspring from others--just as Allah said:

(Al-Ikhlas, 3-4) which means: [Allah did not give birth to anyone and was not given birth to. No one is equal to Allah.]

Al-Bukhariyy narrated the Prophet said: which means: "Allah existed [eternally] and nothing else was existing." Everything other than Allah is a creation of Allah; it was not existing then it came into existence. Allah brought it into existence from a state of non existence by His Power, just as Allah said: (Al-Furqan, 2) which means: [Allah is the Creator of everything.]

The one who belies that has no share in Islam.

On page 82 of the book, Mercy Oceans, it is reported one of Nazim al-Qubrusi's students said to him,

"You gave us a good lesson, Maulana, when you told us that there is no king without a kingdom, no prophet without an Ummah, no Creator without creatures. Allah is uncreated, and servants are also uncreated. But when we come to this life, we forget." "Yes," replied the Shaykh. "It is enough. You cannot go too deep without sinking!"

I say: All of this is an explicit declaration of the creed of unity of the slave with the Creator--undoubtedly NOT the creed of the Muslims. We ask Allah, the Exalted, to protect us from such a creed. Amin.

The people knowledgeable about the Religion and the lay people alike know the prophets are the best of the creation with no equal to them among the created things, for Allah said: (Al-An^am, 86) which means: [We gave every prophet merit over the rest of the creations.]

Yet, I saw in the books of both al-Qubrusi and ad-Daghistani that they raise themselves and their followers above the status of prophets, may Allah protect us. On page 13 of his book, Al-Wasiyyah, ^Abdullah al-Fayiz d-Daghistani says about the verse of Qur'an:

"The one who recites this verse once wins a high degree and a great status, achieves security and safety in this life and the Hereafter, enters the circle of safety of Allah, receives all the grades and statuses of the esteemed Naqshabandi Tariqah and attains that which the prophets and waliyys have not attained and wins a status higher than the status of Abu Yazid Al-Bustamiyy"

Ad-Daghistani says in the same book, p. 6:

"...the one who shall win in this existing time that which the previous ones did not win in their solitude, spiritual exercises and the smaller and greater jihad, the one who shall win a high degree and a great status that neither the prophets nor the companions have achieved."

I say: We have shown this statement belies the Qur'an. It also belies the unanimous agreement of the Muslim nation. The scholars stated the one who favors a waliyy over one of the prophets blasphemes for that. So, how would the case be when one favors the entire people of our times over the prestiged prophets--simply for reciting verse 285 of Surat al-Baqarah:

Al-Qurtubiyy, who is a famous Malikiyy scholar and interpretor of the Qur'an said: which means: "That the prophet is better than the waliyy is a matter firmly established intellectually and in the texts. The one who opposes that is a blasphemer, for it is a matter of the Religion known to both the knowledgeable one and the lay person."
The hafidh, Ibn Hajar, related this statement in Al-Fath, and agreed with it.

We ask Allah for safety and good ending. Amin.

^Abdullah ad-Daghistani says in his book Al-Wasiyyah, page 12:

"If the blasphemer recites the Fatihah even once in his life he will not depart this world until he is granted part of the divine care, because Allah does not differentiate between a blasphemer, an enormous sinner, a believer or a Muslim. Rather all are equal to Allah."

On page 14 of the same book he says:

"Know, my children, if a blasphemer or a hypocrite recites this Surat al-Inshirah he will receive the high statuses and merits, because Allah does not differentiate between a blasphemer, a believer, a hypocrite, a waliyy or a prophet, rather the slaves to Allah are equal since they are included in Allah's saying: This ayah means: [We have favored the children of Adam.]

Nazim al-Qubrusi says in Mercy Oceans, page 15,

". . . all people are equal in His sight."

I say: No one is permitted to equate between the enemies (hidden or apparent) of Allah and those waliyys and messengers beloved to Allah. How can the blasphemer be equal to the believer when Allah, the Exalted, said;(Al-Qalam, 36) which means: [Do We make the Muslims equal to the blasphemers! How do you make such a judgment?]

Moreover, how can a hypocrite be equal to a believer when Allah, the Exalted, said: (An-Nisa', 145) which means: [The hypocrites are in the lower levels of Hellfire.]

How can the blasphemers be equal to the Muslims when Allah said about the blasphemers:

(Al-Bayyinah, 6) which means: [Those are the worst of the entire creatures.]

As to the saying of Allah: (Al-Isra', 70) it means that Allah favored the children of Adam with certain kinds of endowments and specified them with traits (such as the mind and the like). By virtue of the other verses of the Qur'an, this verse does not mean: "All the children of Adam are favored in status to Allah." The saying of the Prophet related by Ibnu Hibban is enough to make our point. The Prophet said: which means: "Do not swear by your forefathers who died in the Era of Ignorance. For, by (Allah), the One Who controls the soul of Muhammad, that (filth) which the beetle rolls with its nose is better than those who associate partners with Allah."

The Messenger of Allah knows best about the meanings of the Book of Allah. Yet, Nazim Al-Haqqani claims the contrary on page 32 of his book, Mercy Oceans. He says,

"All religions teach people the ways of real obedience to Allah Almighty."

I say: Nazim al-Qubrusi's statement equates the Religion of Islam with all invalid religions, and contradicts Allah's saying: (Al ^Imran, 19) which means: [The only acceptable Religion to Allah is Islam.]

Allah said: (Al-Jathiyah, 21) which means: [Did those who committed the evil think We will treat them after death as those who believed and did the good deeds. How bad is their judgment!]

There is no doubt Allah is the Truthful One. His saying is what is correct. Everything which opposes it is categorically rejected!