Monday, September 1, 2008

The Irrefutable Proof That Nazim AlQubrusi Nagates Islam Part 6

by: Al-Hidayaah

Allah is clear from all of that!

The followers of the Tijani Tariqah, such as Sheikh Ahmad at-Tijani from Nigeria, currently living in the United States of America, have also pursued the route of exceeding the acceptable bounds of the Religion. He said with his own tongue in Chicago before a large audience, "The Prophet is closer to the slave than Allah" (meaning the Prophet fulfills his needs faster than Allah!!! This is an explicit belying of the Religion. I personally heard his words and openly--in the same session--denounced him for it, as did others in the same session.

It is known that the Tijani books like Bughiat Al-Murid are full of such blasphemous sayings as:

* All the sins of the one who takes their tariqah would be forgiven immediately and he would become better than the head of the waliyys (qutb)--among others!!

* Saying the Fatih Prayer which they recite (claiming to praise the Prophet) is equivalent to reciting the entire Qur'an six thousand times!!

We seek refuge with Allah from such claims. There are other strange matters being spread falsely in the name of Sufism. All of that makes it incumbent upon us to warn against such people who contradict the Religion--out of protecting the Religion, defending the Book of Allah, and preserving the Religion and the methodology of Prophet Muhammad. It is not permissible to be negligent in this matter, for the huge fire results from the tiny sparks, and one drop joins with another and another to form an eroding flood. The Muslim scholars and the sincere ones are neither negligent nor loose. They are not cowards, powerlessly leaving the ferocious wolves to eat the sons and daughters of the Muslims. Allah is the One Who guides to the acceptable deeds. On Him we rely and from Him we seek the reward.

These are the statements of Nazim Qubrusi, his sheikh, ad-Daghistani, and his student, Hisham Qabbani, which I chose to bring to your attention and to comment on briefly--in accordance with the Rules of the Religion. No Muslim would feel comfortable with the deviant teachings of these men. I see their teachings the result of a school dangerous to the Religion and dangerous to the nation of Muslims. It is too far-fetched to believe these statements are fabricated and planted in the books of Qubrusi. These books are distributed under his supervision and the supervision of his vicegerent, Hisham Kabbani. Moreover, they have been taped, and trustworthy Muslims who have met Sheikh Nazim have quoted him as saying these statements. Whatever the case, these books contain many perversions dangerous to the Religion and its rules, and the one who accepts them and believes in them becomes among the atheist Batiniyys-

It is a must to take warning and warn the Muslims at large from their contents. It is incumbent upon the one who makes such statements to retract them and repent to Allah. If Sheikh Nazim says these statements are fabricated and planted in his books, it is incumbent upon him to announce as such and to bring to the attention of the people the lies contained in his books. If he says these are his statements, it is an obligation on him to repent in the proper way and to warn the people from them. Ordering the lawful and forbidding the unlawful is obligatory and it is the course of the People of Sincerity.

Allah is the One upon Whom we rely. We seek the reward from Allah alone.

Philadelphia - Jumada-l-'ula 1417H.
APPENDIX: What Actually Happened Between Our Master Musa and al-Khadir, (peace be upon them)

Know, Brother Muslim, the Messenger of Allah does not have two Religions--one apparent and the other concealed. Rather, his Religion is Islam, with the rules which Allah revealed to him and which he conveyed to his nation. This is why the al-Jilaniyy adn ar-Rifa^iyy and others, said: which means: "Every matter claimed to be a secret matter of the Religion which, in fact, contradicts al-Islam is truly atheism."

Nazim Qubrusi tried to use what happened between Musa, the Prophet of Allah, and al-Khadir, another prophet of Allah, to claim that the Religion has a concealed part to it which contradicts its apparent rules. This endeavor of his is invalid, because what happened between Musa and al-Khadir conforms to the rules of the Religion inside and out. At first, and prior to al-Khadir explaining what he did was in conformity to the rules of the Religion, one might think there was a contradiction. However, if there had been a contradiction, then Prophet Musa surely would not have remained silent. Rather, Prophet Musa kept silent after al-Khadir showed what he did was not contradicting the rules of the Religion.

Moreover, both Musa and al-Khadir were prophets. Allah told us that al-Khadir said:

(Al-Kahf, 82) which means: [I did not do that from my own (meaning it was revealed to me).]

Moreover, had al-Khadir not been a prophet, Allah would not have ordered Musa to follow him. It is because he was a Prophet that Allah ordered Musa to benefit from him in something pertaining to the Religion.

The one who takes what happened between Musa and al-Khadir to back a claim that the Religion has a concealed part that contradicts the apparent part is a blasphemer--just as the two masters judged him.

Al-Khadir's actions were in fact, in conformity to the rules of the Religion. The one who contradicts that falls under the saying of the Prophet: which means: "The one who does something contrary to our methodology is rejected."

The one who does not apply the rules of the Religion, rather, who leaves them behind his back and tells the people: "You shall not be harmed if you do not apply, because the concealed part of the Religion contradicts the apparent part," is in fact leading the people to blasphemy. The human being does not reach the truth if he does not apply the rules of the Religion to himself and his followers. This is the path of the God-fearing ones, the People of the Truthful Guidance, from the time of the Companions until our days. This is the route of success and winning!! Allah is the One from Whom we seek help and upon Whom we rely.

By Al-Hidaayah