Monday, September 1, 2008

The Irrefutable Proof That Nazim AlQubrusi Nagates Islam Part 5

by: Al-Hidayaah

[One student asked him:]

"Is it all right to fast on the light days of the week?"

"No," replied the Shaykh, "No need. It is enough."

"But we've been fasting, already. Every Monday and Thursday since Ramadan," a disciple insisted.

"No need," replied the Shaykh. "You may fast from haram looking. You may fast from anger. You may fast from bad words! Not eating or drinking--that fast I don't want. It is too easy to go without eating. I don't want that. No bad speaking, no bad looking, no anger; that is difficult. So many people fasting, yet they are angry seventy times until maghrib! They say, 'We are fasting!' How can you be fasting if you are angry!"

These words are against the sayings of the Prophet and against the Rules of the Religion. We ask Allah for guidance and safety. Amin.

"Eat unlawful (haram) meat."

We all know that the abdomen of the human being is the first part that rots in the grave. The Prophet said: which means: " Hellfire is more deserving of every flesh that grew from unlawful consumption."

In his book, Mercy Oceans, page 98-99, Nazim Qubrusi says:

"When I first met our Grandshaykh, " Shaykh Nazim replied, "I was also very strict, very particular, about my food. But he told me, 'It is not good manners to be like that. When you are a guest, you must not ask, 'Is this food clean?' No! You must give your host the benefit of the doubt. When you know that the food is pork, don't eat it, but say instead, 'I am a vegetarian,' or something like this. You must have good manners towards everybody. If you are in doubt as to whether meat (assuming that it is not pork) is halal or not, you may say, three times, 'Shahada,' and, seventy times, 'astaghfirullah.' Then, as you eat, and you say, 'Bismillah,' Allah Almighty will make that food clean for you, in the time it takes for you to raise it from your plate and put it in your mouth!

"When you are buying meat and you think that it has come in contact with pork, or utensils that have been used to handle and prepare pork, you may wash it, and repeat the formula we just said. If you can obtain Halal (or Kosher) meat, of course it is best. But, when you are somebody's guest, don't ask! Even if it is known to you that they usually cook with lard, you must assume that, this time, for you, they cleaned their pots and pans and didn't use it. Only if you are certain that pork or pork products were used may you refrain from eating."

I say: There is not even one statement of any one of the scholars to that effect; such meaning is not in the Qur'an; and there is no confirmed hadith which gives such a meaning. Rather, what is mentioned in the Qur'an and hadith and in the statements of the scholars is quite contrary to Sheikh Nazim's saying. So, from where did Sheikh Nazim get his statement!? How did Sheikh Nazim come up with such a statement, i.e., haram meat would transform to halal if one recites the shahadah and asks forgiveness? Allah, the Exalted, said: (Al-Baqarah, 111) which means: [Bring your proof if you are truthful.]

Nazim Qubrusi has no proof for his words. Allah is the One Who guides to the acceptable deeds.

"Do not follow the judgment of the sound mind; Be like mindless sheep."

It is well known the one who is on the straight path and has self confidence does not fear from the people using their minds in the correct way, because such a person appreciates the endowment of the mind on us. As to the one who has strayed, he wants people to follow him without using their minds and to carry out his orders without asking questions. He wants mindless and senseless people. I found the words of Sheikh Nazim Qubrusi very strange on page 3 in the introduction of his book, Mercy Oceans, when he defined the belief as:

"The heart believes what the mind denies. This must be understood first of all or else there is no Islam. It is useless to base, or balance one's faith on the level of the mind, which doubts anything that it cannot experience through the senses."

I say: This is a very strange definition of belief and a very strange opinion regarding the endowment of the mind!! No Muslim scholar ever said such a statement before Nazim Qubrusi. It is contrary to the saying of Allah: (Al ^Imran, 190) which means: [This contains lessons to the people with sound minds]

and the saying of Allah: (Al-Hajj, 46) which means: [Did they not travel on earth and use their minds to understand?]

How could Nazim Qubrusi be believable when Allah dispraised the blasphemers for wasting the role of the mind and told us about their situation while in Hellfire in His saying:

(Al-Mulk, 10) which means: [Had we heard and used our minds (during our first life) we would not have been among the people of Hellfire (today).]

Does Nazim Qubrusi want us to be mindless sheep or like the people of the other invalid religions with baseless statements and convictions that do not rely on any proof?!!

"Blasphemy is a temporary condition; Simply by reciting the Fatihah anyone is guaranteed safety in the Hereafter."

On page 58 of his book, Mercy Oceans, Nazim Qubrusi says:

Allah sent FATIHA first in Mecca. Along with it came endless Rahmah (mercy). Gabrael, bringing FATIHA to Muhammad (peace be upon him), said, 'O, Muhammad! Allah Almighty gives you His salaams and says to you, "Good tidings for FATIHA; if anyone from your ummah (nation) reads FATIHA even once, in his life, it will be enough, and more, for that servant!"

"He who reads FATIHA will take enough Rahma from one reading to last his whole life. Even if he is an unbeliever, one reading will bring him to Iman, perhaps at the last moment of his life. This is because faith is original, inborn with people. Unbelief is a temporary condition added later. FATIHA will bring faith even to a doer of bad things.

I say: This is a fabricated hadith and a lie about Prophet Muhammad. What we see and observe is enough to prove it is untrue. How many people have in fact recited the Fatihah several times and then died as blasphemers? Al-Bukhariyy related that a man had memorized Surat al-Baqarah and Surat Al-^Imran and prayed many times behind the Prophet, yet he apostatized, moved outside the Arabian peninsula to live, and died as a blasphemer. When the people buried him, the earth spat him out. Those who witnessed it told about it. The day that man died, the Prophet received a revelation about his situation. This saying of Sheikh Nazim is contrary to the confirmed saying of the Prophet, so beware!

We wish that Sheikh Nazim would tell us who narrated this claimed hadith of his? In which book of the scholars did he find it? Who among the Hafidhs classified it as sahih? My conviction is that it is his own authoring and the product of his own imagination. If it was not, let him name the narrator. I believe no one among the Muslim scholars would accept to soil his book by narrating such nonsense. We ask Allah for protection. Allah is the One Who strengthens one to perform obedience, and no one can evade sinning without Allah's protection.

Following is an excerpt from page 91-92 of Nazim Qubrusi's book, Mercy Oceans:

"Some people, most people, most Alims say that Allah Almighty is angry with us now. Our Granshaykh says that Allah is not angry with us. He is not stopping his mercy for us. Mercy is coming down; all around is mercy. We are swimming in mercy oceans."

Someone asked, "But wasn't Allah angry with the people of Israel, for instance, when they worshipped the golden calf? Wasn't Moses (peace be upon him) angry?"

"Is Moses (peace be upon him) Allah? said the Shaykh.

"Allah is angry by mouth, not by heart! One of the brothers joked. There was general laughter.

Then Maulana said, "Allah's anger is not like our anger. If we are angry with a person, we are cutting all things from him. But, Allah Almighty is sending mercy. How can He be angry? If He were angry, He would withhold His Rahmah, His mercy; but He is giving so much! Allah Almighty is angry toward those people who are judging His servants, yet He still sends His mercy."

"What about all those He destroyed in the time of Noah?"

Maulana answered, "He destroyed their bodies, not their spirits. His Divine anger destroyed those bodies which were committing sins. When the body is destroyed, then the spirit is free and pure--going into mercy oceans and swimming."

But, Shaykh Nazim, won't they still have their bodies on the Judgment Day?" [a confused murid asks]

"These will be new bodies," answered the Shaykh, "not bodies that made sins in this world."

[Now, more confused] A murid said, "But which bodies will go to Hell to be cleaned?"

[Having no answer, Nazim tries to escape by saying:] "He almighty knows well which are going to Hell!"

"Do they suffer in the graves?"

"Yes," replied the Shaykh, "it is like a man who falls from a second story window and breaks his head, his legs, and his neck; he may stay in the hospital one year, or six months, till he has recovered; then he comes out. He who makes himself wounded in this life with the spear of Satan will stay, for recovery, in graves and in Hell. When he is all right, he will go on to Paradise. What do you think about all those people in hospitals? Are they in mercy, or in punishment?"

Quickly, one murid said, "Mercy!"

While another said, "Punishment!" Again, we all laughed.

"Yes, agreed Shaykh Nazim. "From one side they are in punishment, and from the other side they are in mercy. Their imprisonment is not as if they were in jail. It is mercy for them, as if they were in hospitals. You understand? Clear? This is from all religions, and all Holy books."

A brother made this observation: "When you make a point, it seems clear until we ask questions. Then, as the answer unfolds, I realize that the point I thought I understood is so subtle that I don't get it."

Maulana answered him, "Yes these are all like grains, like seeds. With faith in your heart, they will grow up. Then, you will see their flowers, and, after that, you will see their fruits, and then, at last, you will eat! Now, those are all seeds. Don't be afraid."

I say: What nonsense!

Let it be known, what I have mentioned here are only some of the sayings of Nazim al-Haqqani al-Qubrusi, his sheikh, ^Abdullah al-Faizi ad-Daghistani, and his student, Hisham Kabbani. Mentioned here are only a handful of the deviations contained in two books of the teachings of Qubrusi and one of the teachings of his sheikh, and these were mentioned to warn the people from them--as stated in the introduction. I chose to expose only a few of his deviant sayings, yet even these few show the sayings of Sheikh Nazim Qubrusi, his sheikh, and his student, contain many matters contradictory to the Rules of the Religion .

The one who goes back to his magazine called An-Nasihah, their pamphlets, tapes, and press interviews would find other very strange deviations/strayings such as:

* Everything the blasphemer does is unlawful !!

* Claiming the torture of the Muslim is more severe than the torture of the blasphemer!!

* Claiming Abu Yazid Al-Bustamiyy had asked Allah to magnify his body to become the same size of the entire Hell and to admit him alone to it such that there will remain no place for anyone else, and this way he alone gets the torture and the entire humanity will be admitted to Paradise!!

* Claiming our prophet knew he was the Prophet of Allah since his childhood--prior to receiving the Revelation!!

* Claiming Nazim Qubrusi is the assistant of the expected Mahdiyy, and that when the Mahdiyy appears, seven or eight nations will follow him, including the British nation!!

He said many other sayings--none of which rely on what Allah has revealed--so take ample warning!

Similar to the sayings of Nazim Qubrusi are the sayings of Bawa Muhyiddin (from Sirilanka) in his book, Ashsheikh wal Murid, and other writings. Some such sayings are:

* Allah enters the bodies of humans!!

* Calling Allah "the father" and calling the slave "the son of the Lord"!!

* Claiming the difference in religions are of no importance!!

* Claiming Paradise and its rivers are in one's heart!!

* Claiming Hell to be the bad traits the heart acquires!!

* Claiming the person is a Godly man whereby he acquires the attributes of Allah and part of Allah resides in him!!!